School bus services

The Green Bus will no longer be in operation from September – see below for our new bus arrangements.



The Green Bus will be replaced by the white Heaton’s Coach.

  • 8.00am: Heatons Coach (70 seater) picks up Parkwood students at stop opposite Vestry Hall and drives to Parkwood E-ACT Academy via Burngreave Road, Minna Road, Cooks Wood Road, Shirecliffe Road and Longley Avenue West picking up students on the way at designated bus stops.
  • 8.20am: Arrive at Parkwood E-ACT Academy Teynham Road, offload students and continue to Page Hall to collect students at usual collection point, Rushby Street.

Page Hall

  • 8.30am: White bus Heaton’s Coach collects students on Rushby Street and drives directly to the academy.
  • 8.45am: arrive at Parkwood E-ACT Academy, offload students on Longley Avenue West.



  • 3.05pm: White bus/Heaton’s Coach collects students going back to Burngreave outside gate on Teynham Road and does the morning journey in reverse, dropping last students off at the stop near Vestry Hall at around 3.30pm.

Page Hall

  • No Heatons bus to Page Hall in the afternoon – minibus on standby.


  • Each journey will be charged at the child rate of 80p.
  • A member of staff will take collect the ticket cost when the students gets on the bus and will issue a ticket.
  • On arrival at the academy, students will hand in their ticket to a member of staff.
  • Students without tickets will have to pay the 80p as they get off the coach.
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