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Our why

To inspire, invest in and celebrate learning so that our students become confident, happy, successful individuals who have enhanced opportunities for their future.

At E-ACT Parkwood Academy we believe that good attendance is the most significant factor in determining whether a pupil is able to be successful in their future lives. Whether this is academically, socially, economically or in their future health and employment. Our goal is to ensure that students leave school with the tools they need to be successful in the future. We know that good attendance is central to this.

Contact information:


Phone: 0114 231 0221 option 2 for student absence.

To support our parents/carers with guidance towards improving/maintaining your child’s attendance, we have provided you with some help leaflets and pamphlets below:

attendance leaflet for parents

Attendance advice for parents

appendix to attendance policy – parent copy

Helping your child get into good habits – Parent Pamphlet

Mental Health – Parent Pamphlet

Sleep – Parent Pamphlet

School attendance leaflet




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