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Careers Information Education Advice and Guidance (CIEAG)

At Parkwood E-ACT Academy we aim to raise aspirations, challenge stereotypes and encourage pupils to consider a wide range of careers. Through careers education and guidance it is hoped that pupils will be encouraged to make the most of their talents and to go on to jobs or courses which suit their needs and intelligence. Students can only fulfil their potential if they understand themselves, their abilities and the possibilities available to them.

In particular we intend our pupils to:

  • Develop a broad understanding of the world of work and an ability to respond to changing opportunities.
  • Develop independent research skills so that they can make good use of information and guidance.
  • Develop and use their self-knowledge when thinking about and making choices.
  • Develop the skills they need to review achievements, plan future actions, make decisions, present themselves well and cope with change and transition.

Gatsby Benchmark

The school measures the impact of our careers programme through the compass navigation of the ‘Gatsby Benchmark’.

This will be reviewed at the next GRD in 2021.

Please find the most recent Careers Report below:

Careers Report 2020


Technical Education and Apprenticeships

We offer all our pupils interactions from the local technical colleges through a number of methods; live talks, careers fair, workshops. These interactions give the pupils the opportunities to learn about what a technical college offers and the expertise they focus on.

Alongside this we provide the pupils with extensive learning around apprenticeship from year 7 right through to year 11. It is important that pupils know their options for when they leave Parkwood. We work closely with local companies who offer apprenticeships, the local council and ASK ( Throughout all five years the pupils have talks, workshops, visits and trips to learn about apprenticeships. These give the pupils an in depth understanding of apprenticeships and the opportunities that arise through this learning.

Y8-Y11 students are also introduced to providers of technical education and apprenticeships within assemblies. For our Y8-Y10 cohort, further opportunities for discussion will be provided  within PSHE lessons.

Y11 pupils will have the opportunity to discuss this further in their 1 on 1 careers sessions. Any pupils in Year 11 that wish to pursue a journey down this route, will supported by the Sheffield council apprenticeship scheme.


Careers Leaders’ Contact Information

Gregg Henderson

Scott Swallow


Careers Policy

At Parkwood E-ACT Academy we hope that pupils and parents use the information and links below to consider their educational and career journeys.

Useful Links


Colleges and Sixth Forms

Sheffield College –

Longley College –

Notre Dame –

High Storrs –

Sheffield High School –

King Egberts –

Kind Edwards –

Tapton School –


Technical Colleges

UTC Olympic park –

UTC City Centre –



Sheffield   College Apprenticeships –

Sheffield Council   Apprenticeships –


Jobs and Careers

Jobcentre Plus –

Prospectus Careers Advice –

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