Supporting Children With Medical Needs

We fully support all students with medical conditions within the Academy and ask that you share any relevant information with us to ensure we can care for your child.  Any child who is required to take medication during the day or who has a specific medical condition may require a care plan. Please speak to Sue Farrah in the first instance.

We have a large number of trained first aiders, however the following staff are our delegated first aiders:

  • Sue Farrah
  • Ross Thompson

Sue Farrah is also our designated lead for iHCPS and this is overseen by Sarah Husband, Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion.  If you feel your child requires a care plan, please contact Sue Farrah in the first instance on

Please see the policies below for further information

Supporting Pupils With Medical Conditions


We take our responsibilities in ensuring children take correct and prescribed medication very seriously. As per Government guidelines, all medication must be signed in by parents and must have a prescription label detailing the child’s name and medication.  Please see the document here detailing our responsibilities.

Medication in Schools

The following staff have had additional training to supervise children in taking prescribed medication:

  • Sue Farrah
  • Darren Butterworth
  • Gregg Henderson
  • Ross Thompson
  • Jackie Doughty

If you have any questions or require more information please contact Sarah Husband on

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