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Academy Day and Attendance

Total hours of teaching provided in a typical week (33.35).

The academy building is open for students eligible for breakfast club at 8:00am on school days.



School starts at 8:30am. All students arriving after this time will receive a same day detention.

Students are expected to arrive through their allocated entrances on time in full Parkwood uniform appropriately prepared for the day.

The attendance register will be taken during form time in the morning at 8.30am and close at 9.00am. For the afternoon period registration will start at 12.15pm and close at 12.30pm.

Additional registers will also be taken at the start of each lesson during the day. Registers will mark whether every student is:

  • Present
  • Not in lesson, but working elsewhere in the academy
  • Attending an approved off-site educational activity
  • Absent



We develop our students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding through a programme of assemblies and weekly themes. Students are given a topic to focus on for the week which is then explored during tutor time and in assembly.

Assemblies are held in year groups and involve key members of staff including senior leaders and visitors. Year group assemblies are also held throughout the year to deliver key messages including post 16 applications and key stage 4 choices.



In order for children to achieve to the best of their ability it is important that they attend academy every day. Each student is given an individual target of 97%.

If your child is genuinely ill, please contact the attendance team on the day of absence before 9.30am. Please try and arrange medical appointments out of the academy day however we appreciate that this is not always possible.

If you have any questions please contact our attendance officers:

Students are late and will receive an L mark on their register if they arrive after 8.30am for AM registration and after 12.15pm for PM registration they will receive a 30-minute detention for poor punctuality.

Students who arrive late after the close of registers (AM – 9.00am / PM 12.30pm) will receive a U code on their register and that session will be classed as an unauthorised absence affecting the students school attendance and also resulting in a 30-minute detention.

For example: – if a student arrives at 8:31 am they will receive a late mark and a 30mins after school same day detention. If a student arrives at 9:01am, they will receive a ‘U’ code on the register. This will count as an unauthorised absence for the morning session.

The same applies if a student arrives late for PM registration, 12:16pm they will receive a late mark and a 30mins after school same day detention. If they arrive at 12:31 they will receive a ‘U Code’ on the register and the afternoon session will count as an unauthorised absence, again resulting in a 30-minute detention.

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Academy Day and Attendance