Personal Development

Personal Development

Personal Development at Parkwood Academy

At E-ACT Parkwood Academy, we ensure that all of our pupils are given the opportunity to develop in many diverse aspects of life.

Our pupils are delivered a curriculum which covers 10 key strands; Safeguarding, RHSE, PSHE, Mental Health and Well-being, British Values, SMSC, Citizenship and Character, CEIAG, Equality Diversity and Inclusion and also Online Safety. We believe that knowledge of these strands will allow pupils to develop their understanding and skills required to manage their lives now and in the future.

Although the teaching of RSE (Relationship & Sex Education) become statutory in 2020 this is something we have been doing for a long time at E-ACT Parkwood Academy, with a comprehensive Personal Development programme that goes far beyond these requirements to provide what we know our students need to explore the world they live in. We supplement this by offering a huge range of whole school events, an extensive and exciting enrichment/extra curricular  programme, many student leadership opportunities and additional opportunities for students to engage with outside school

We aim for Parkwood pupils to become students are ready to make a positive contribution to their community, are fully active citizens and can make smart, informed choices.

Should you have any questions, or comments about any information on this page, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or any of the team

Gregg Henderson

Assistant Headteacher for Personal Development


How we deliver our PD curriculum

We deliver our PD curriculum through various channels;

The majority of our PD content is delivered through of PD tutor time. The PD tutor time curriculum is built around 3 main subjects, PSHE, Citizenship and RE, these are then broken down into 6 composite topic themes which then create 6 composites per year group across the academic year. This thematic approach to the PD tutor time ensures that pupils are able to see the link between the composites and the key strands with pupils being able to retrieve information taught to then weeks previously. Pupils receive 3 x 30 mins of PD time each week, 1 x 30 mins (KS3-numeracy, KS4-RE) and 1 x 30 mins PD focused assembly.

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Pupils also receive 6 PD drop down days across the academic year. These are used to provide additional opportunities to deliver PD content outside of ‘normal lessons’, such as understanding what a local authority is, including how councils are run and why its important to have diverse people within a council, pupils then get the change to create their own class council. We also use this opportunity to bring in external experts and agencies who can provide our pupils with important information relating to many important issues (South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Ghost Street, Sheffield Wednesday community programme, HEPPsy, Young Drivers/Drive smart are to name but a few.)

Drop down day 1 TT

Drop Down Day 2 TT

Drop down day 3 TT

Drop down day 4 tt

We have a PD focused assembly plan that covers the whole academic year, it celebrates important dates in the calendar (such as Black History month, Remembrance day, Children’s mental health week & Diversity week). Each terms assemblies have an overall focus around one of our three core values ‘Believe, Achieve & Succeed’ whilst also provides real life examples of situations where pupils can develop their character.

E-ACT Parkwood Academy has an extensive enrichment/extra-curricular offer each week, we offer sporting clubs, performing arts clubs, musical clubs, art & design clubs, mental health and well-being clubs, gaming and films clubs, alongside more subject focused clubs such as maths homework club and climate change club.

We also provide lot of chances for our pupils to take part in trips outside of the academy. We want to give our pupils the opportunity to increase the amount cultural capital experiences they already have, be it as a subject specific trip (Blencathra geography trip, an inspector calls theatre visit or Silverstone Interactive museum to name a few) or a reward trip (Man city champions league games, Women’s Euro’s opening ceremony and game or Lockerbrook residential). This academic year alone, we have already offered 22 external trips, which doesn’t include school sports fixtures or tournaments!

Here at E-ACT Parkwood Academy, we believe we have the right PD curriculum and offer to help them become the positive young citizens that we believe they can be!



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